Highlighting Labor's waste, inefficiency and mismanagement.

Gillard & Rudd united by a record of debt, deficits, waste and broken promises

Media Release from Warren Truss:

TODAY Julia Gillard matches Kevin Rudd’s record of 935 days as Prime Minister,” Acting Federal Opposition Leader Warren Truss noted. “Their records are similar: with more debt, deficits, waste, boats, broken promises and increasing cost of living pressures on families.

“Their record speaks for itself:

At the end of Kevin Rudd’s 935 days, Australia had $42 billion in net debt

At the end of Julia Gillard’s 935 days, Australia has $147 billion in net debt. 


During Kevin Rudd’s 935 days, there were over 6,500 illegal arrivals.

During Julia Gillard’s 935 days, there have been more than 25,000 arrivals. 

During Kevin Rudd’s 935 days, electricity prices rose by an average 34%  

During Julia Gillard’s 935 days, electricity prices have risen by an average 41%. 


During Kevin Rudd’s 935 days, gas prices rose by an average 26%

During Julia Gillard’s 935 days, gas prices have risen by an average 29%.


Kevin Rudd’s 935 days produced unprecedented waste with dangerous roof batts and over-priced school halls.

Julia Gillard’s 935 days produced the world’s biggest carbon tax and a loss of trust and confidence because of the carbon tax lie.

Kevin Rudd promised to be a fiscal conservative but delivered three budget deficits.

Julia Gillard promised over 100 times to return the budget to surplus in 2012/13 but has not done so.

“Julia Gillard might today celebrate beating the record of her rival.  The Australian people will not celebrate the record of either.

“On taking office from Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard promised to fix border security, fix the budget and fix the mining tax.  Julia Gillard has failed on all three counts. 

“She won office over Kevin Rudd by dividing Labor, and in the coming election, Julia Gillard will seek to hold office by dividing Australia. 

“Under Rudd and Gillard, Labor has gone from bad to worse.  Only a change of government will deliver Australia the good, competent and stable government that our country deserves.

“The Coalition, under Tony Abbott, has plans to create a strong and prosperous economy and a safe and secure Australia.”  

13 January 2013