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Families don’t need a lecture from Labor

Media release from Jamie Briggs:

After five years of delivering record debt and deficits, the last thing the Gillard Labor Government should be doing is lecturing single Mums on how to live within their means.   

This is a government that has wasted billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money and blames everyone but themselves for their failure to deliver a budget surplus.   

Instead of lecturing single Mums on how easy it is, Labor should concentrate on living within its means. 


Families don’t need a lecture from Labor; they need a government which can balance the books and pay down the debt.   

The Gillard Labor Government is incompetent and untrustworthy - it can’t even be trusted to get a ministerial transcript right.  

Plainly, it would be tough to live on the dole but the question to be answered today is why did Minister Macklin try to hide her answer?